I continue to work with John Thornhill
and can see things taking shape. I have
had a few hiccups in the last few
weeks, ( nothing to do with the course)
but circumstances have put me back a
bit, the beauty of this method of
learning is that you can work at your
own pace and can if needs be go back
and recap on things, or if other things
prevent you from working as you might
wish the course is still there and you
can pick up where you left off.
Personally I am pleased with the way
things are going and have learned, and
continue to learn, a lot. I will sign
off now and will be back soon…………Bill

    2 replies to "Progress Update."

    • Gordon Jablonski

      Interesting reading your blog Bill. You seem to be going really well. John Thornhill is a goldmine of information and I have found him extremely helpful. Good luck in your future endeavours, glad you are enjoying your course as much as I am.

      • welshbill

        Hi Gordon,
        thanks for the comment, and yes I am enjoying the course very much. Progress is sometimes slower than I would wish due to outside influences, but I press on and make the course my priority when I am not having to attend to other things. Thanks for the good wishes and encouragement, and I apologise for taking so long to reply.

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