Hi, again
This time I will write a litle about my
life as it is at present, and how I
hope it will become a lot more relaxed
and maybe a bit easier.

At the moment I work as a Taxi Driver,
and while I do get some pleasure from
the job, mainly from meeting people
from all walks of life, the downside is
beginning to get to me now, things
like, early morning starts,necessary if
you want to catch the early birds,
before other drivers come out to work,
the ever increasing cost of fuel/oil
and servicing and repairs to vehicle,
which never seem to happen at a
convenient time or place,then there is
the cost of licensing, which is payable
to the local licensing authority.

The above costs plus the medical fees,
payable to your G.P. because driving
medicals are not covered by the N.H.S.
all mean that on average a taxi driver
needs to work 2.5 days to cover
expenses before he earns a penny for

Enough about work, I have a better side
to my life and that is my home life.
There is just my wife (she who must be
obeyed) and myself at home now, and it
is a part of my life I enjoy very much.

We have a good circle of friends and we
meet them regularly for a drink and a
chat, catching up on the local
happenings, and any forthcoming events.
We don’t have too many problems and
just need to spend more time together,
with maybe the odd day out to visit
some of the places we enjoy.

Those are the reasons I am working at
building an online business that will
give us the extra time together that we
want, as well as the funds to enjoy
that time. I realise that money doesn’t
buy happiness, but it does give you
choices, so I shall press on and build
my online business.

I shall write again soon……..Bill.

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