In showbiz they wish people good luck by saying “Break a Leg” well nobody wished me luck but I managed to do something similar.

After a session in the gym, nothing extraordinary, or strenuous, and conducted under supervision, I was feeling pleased with myself and at ease with the world, so I set off for the changing room, down a flight of stairs and along a corridor. Having sorted myself out and got myself dressed, packed my gear into my bag, I stood up to go and meet my wife in reception then it happened.

I had stood up and started to move when there was an excruciating pain in my left hip and I nearly fell. I quickly realised that I couldn’t move. Feeling very sheepish I asked others in the changing room to fetch help.

Soon help arrived in the shape of two members of staff, they were not sure how best to help, and decided that my best course of action was to get to the A&E dept. at the hospital. By this time my wife had been told and after a short panic came to where I was stuck. Fortunately we were close to a fire escape, she was able to bring our car to the doorway.

After a bit of a struggle and a good deal of pain I managed to get into the car, and we set off for the hospital and what I hoped would be a quick fix. The staff at the A&E dept. were very professional and got me to the assessment unit and on to a trolley. The next step was Xrays which showed that yours truly had managed to do something that had not been seen before and was not thought possible.

My left hip was an artificial hip made from titanium which had been put in to replace a damaged hip a few years ago, the Xray showed that it wasn’t my bones that had failed, but that the actual titanium hip had fractured, something nobody had seen or heard of previously.

At this time I was feeling less pain because of the morphine they had pumped into me.

I shall leave it there at the moment and return to this tomorrow.

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