Progress can be defined as moving
forward towards a set goal or aim. As I
stated in an earlier post I have
started this blog to help to build a
business with the help of John
Nicholson,s Partnership to Success. I
have been following the training and
have found it to be easy to follow and
to understand, chiefly because it is
available in small “bite size”
sections, and any questions are
answered quickly and in full, so that I
am not waiting around for information,
and can press on without delay.

My ambition is to complete the course
and at the end of it have a solid
business, that will provide me with
agood, reliable income, at a level
decided by me, and not by someone else.

So how much “progress” have I made, it
is mainly cosmetic with regards to
building this blog, you may notice a
difference in the header, and also my
image is on the page, as well as the
visible signs of progress I have also
learned how to achieve different
results, using the information passed
to me as part of the course.

I will go now and get on with some more
work, I shall post again very soon.

    1 Response to "Progress"

    • welshbill

      I continue to work with John Thornhill and can see things taking shape. I have had a few hiccups in the last few weeks, ( nothing to do with the course) but circumstances have put me back a bit, the beauty of this method of learning is that you can work at your own pace and can if needs be go back and recap on things, or if other things prevent you from working as you might wish the course is still there and you can pick up where you left off.
      Personally I am pleased with the way things are going and have learned, and continue to learn, a lot. I will sign off now and will be back soon…………Bill.

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