As I said in my last blog I have been on and off just lately, and so I am not as far forward as I would like to be.

I have reached the stage where I am trying to decide what niche to create my own product, I am not finding this an easy task at the moment. I am intending to use “The Internet Marketing Niche List” supplied by John Thornhill as part of the “Partnership to Success” course. There are many and varied possibilities suggested on this list, and I am working my way through the list and marking off all the topics that interest me, then I will do the necessary research on which ever topics take my interest, from that point I can start to create the product I want.

Whilst I am following the course and taking everything in the proper order as presented by John, and I am mindful of the help and advice available to me by contacting John, I am open to suggestions from anyone willing to help with constructive ideas for niche selection, and/or product creation.

I have decided to place a time limit on myself to make the relevant decisions so that I can press on and make more progress, I think that I need to allow myself no more than three days, by which I should have made my selection(s).

I will sign off now and hopefully inspiration will come or I might even receive some useful suggestions. Best regards for now ……………..Bill

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    • Lainie B

      Great post Bill. I believe a lot of members could relate to. It’s difficult to choose I’m at that point now. I have lots of ideas but it’s pinpointing THE ONE.

      My blog is all about Marketing Techniques for Businesses but I’m really not sure what to do for my product creation. Too many avenues 🙂

      Looking forward to see what you decide on and no doubt with perseverence and dedication we’ll both smash this.

      • Bill Richards

        February 26, 2019

        Hi Lainie,
        thanks for the encouragement, I am looking into video marketing at the moment, as you say a lot of options, so I am taking my time and hope to get it right. I think I might have found the niche I am looking for. So I shall stop jumping from one subject to another ob my blog and settle on this one.

        Again thanks for the comment hope to chat soon……….Regards ……..Bill.

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