I am at the stage of the course where I am trying to select a niche in which to create a product.

The process is made easier by the short “Bite Size” videos that are part of the course. I am taking more time than I thought I would, partly because I want to get it right, and partly I am not sure what, exactly I want to get into.

This can be frustrating at times when you realise that you are falling behind, and not moving as fast as you would like, but the good thing is there is no time limit, and help is at hand if it is needed.

There is a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in learning the different strategies that can be used and applied to find what you are looking for, and the many places that are open to be searched and researched. Hopefully I can bring the two together and find a niche that suits me, and from there create a product that will have some value, and be value for money.

It is my intention to always strive to provide a product that I can be proud of, and that will provide my customers with value for money, that will bring them back to me on a regular basis.

So I will leave you now, please contact me if you have any suggestions/ideas that might help, always open to suggestions.

Best wishes to all…………….Bill.

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    • Shelley Benton

      Hi Bill!
      I can identify with your post as I am new to all this and although I did Week 1-7 rather quickly I’m slowed down at Week 8. I too want to do exactly as I’m told as it is coming from someone who is where I want to be. A lot of teachings that I’ve been through have always been – follow and associate with those that are where I want to be not where I am now.

      Your posts are very informative and helpful and I will look for more in the future! Have a GR8 week (today is Monday for me).

    • welshbill

      Hi Shelley,
      Thanks for the comment, although things have been slow for me lately I am sure that by following John’s methods, and instructions we will both get to where we want to be.

      I shall be posting again very soon, until then best of luck with all your efforts………….Regards……….Bill.

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