What do I do besides work?

When I am not working I greatly
enjoy watching sport(s), my
interest at this time of the year
is the Autumn Rugby Internationals.
This entails two or three
International sides coming to the
U.K. and playing a series of test
matches against one, or more of the
home countries. These games are
designed to give the rugby going
public a chance to see other
countries play and to compare the
different style of play they bring
to the game.

The main opposition usually comes
from the southern hemisphere,
namely South Africa, Australia, and
the mighty All Blacks, (New
Zealand). Playing these countries
gives the Home Unions a chance to
find out where we stand in
comparison. We don’t always come
off best against the southern
hemisphere sides, but we do appear
to be making some progress and
results are getting closer and with
even the occasional victory the
average rugby fan has reasons to be

Whilst Rugby is my favourite sport,
I support my local football side,
from a distance, that is to say I
do not got to theground, but I do
listen to the game on the radio, or
if it’s on the television I will
watch and enjoy the game,
especially as the team plays in the
premier league, so there are times
when the best side in the league
play, unfortunately this usually
results in my home side losing, not
something that is easy to deal with
on a regular basis, but I can
usually find some positive points
to console myself with.

As for playing sport, anything that
involves the running, jumping, and
regular strenuous training sessions
is a no go area, (been there done
it, too old now) so I stick to the
more sedentary and peaceful games
of Bowls and Skittles.

Hope you found this entertaining,
all comments, queries, questions,
welcome and will be
answered……Will write again

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