Hello there,

Here we are again, I continue to
progress with the Partner to Success
programme, I am going to divert from
this for the moment and discuss Mix and
Match. There are some lucky people who
can concentrate on one thing at a time,
these are the lucky few that have the
luxury of time. Most of us have to try
and find the time to deal with several
things at once.

Things such as working full time and
bringing up a family, with all the
trials and tribulations that can
bring,trying to have a social life,
however limited,as well as other family
commitments, visiting relatives,
relatives visiting you, taking the kids
to their various interests that do not
take place in the family home, Scouts,
Guides, Swimming, Football/Rugby, as
well as being available as a driver
(unpaid) for any unforeseen trip that
absolutely must be done now, this

I titled this post “Mix and Match” and
what I am trying to show is that we
have to try and Mix what we need to do
for other people, be they family,
friends, aquaintances, and anyone else
that might ask for assistance, and what
we achieve in another field.

Once in a while you may find yourself
with the time and space to work at what
you want to achieve, but they will
probably be rare occasions, so a plan
must be made and followed to make a
time slot for you to work
uninterrupted. You consider using part
of your day(s) off and let everyone
concerned know that you are busy for
the period you select, maybe think
about the time of day that you work,
personally I find that I work best
first thing in the morning before
everybody gets up, but you should
choose a time that suits you and your

I hope you can see what I am trying to
show, and I am sure that a little
thought/planning will make your life
easier and speed up getting the results
that you desire.

I shall write again soon………Bill.

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