Just lately I have had a lot of time to sit and observe people, now people watching can be great fun and very informative. I have seen people that have acted completely as you would expect, but I have also seen people do things that are completely out of character and not what you would have expected them to do.

Because I have been confined to the house for a couple of months I have been doing my people watching through the front window of my house. I see people coming and going at the same time every morning, so I assume they are going to work or taking their children to school, and of course the same people tend to return at the same time of day.

Then there are the folks who use the street as a shortcut to save time and effort in order to get where they are heading for, these are many and varied and range from those who are in an obvious hurry to those who are maybe just out for a gentle stroll as a form of exercise.

Every once in a while I notice something that surprises me, and gives me reason to reconsider my opinion of certain sections of our society, an example of this occurred a few days ago.

A youth who for a long while has been thought (by myself and a lot of others) to be what used to be known as a “bad lot” was found to be helping elderly and sick people with their shopping and general small jobs that needed doing in their houses. This seemed so out of character with this youths “macho” image it was hard to believe.

After the facts were checked it was found that it was true and instead of being the “bad lot” we thought him to be, he was a decent young man who did what he did and didn’t want anybody to know.

This only goes to show that things are not always what they seem, and should be checked before believing.

The same principles can be applied to any form of online marketing, we have all seen emails from so called “gurus” that make promises that really are just the same thing email after email, some people believe almost everything they receive and will buy something without checking it out. The product may appear to be exactly what they are looking for but the should check on the vendors reputation before investing hard earned cash, as well as time trying to make the system work. These are like the people above who come and go at the same time every day, never changing what they do but expect things to change for them.

Then you have the people who are maybe less well known but work away quietly building a reputation among the people who need to know about them, and can use their services/products. Like the young man described in the story above these are the people you need to find and who will help you to start or grow your business.

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