How do you manage your life? Many
people do not think about
“managing” their life, they tend to
carry on “as Normal” enjoying life,
and taking care of the family,
earning the money to provide the
needs and requirements of the
family. Now I am not knocking this
at all, there’s nothing better than
spending time with the family, and
/or friends, sometimes the look of
sheer enjoyment and happiness on
childrens faces can be worth all
the time and effort and expense
involved in the planning and
carrying out of whatever it is that
you decide to do.

Whilst the time and effort can be
carried out as and when you can
find the time, the important and
very neccessary finance must be in
place to be able to carry it
through. We all know that kids will
play quite happily at home with not
much thought for outside
distractions, but when we take them
out and they espy an Ice Cream van
or a Sweet counter they become
“must have” things and so we get
into the realms of spending money,
not a problem if you have it, but a
huge problem if you don’t.

It may be a temporary cash flow
problem, (we have all experienced
that) or it may be that it is
something that happens all too
often, not something anybody wants,
but it does happen.
It’s at times like this thoughts
turn to how to make more money, it
may be time to manage your life in
a completely different way, and
perhaps take a different path to
reach the level that you want.
There could be many ways to do
this, a change of job,(not always
possible) work more hours(if
available) ask for a pay rise (not
always the wisest move) I am sure
that you can think of many more
ideas, one that may not readily
come to mind is become “self
employed” again there are many and
varied opportunities in this area,
one you might consider is to make a
living online.

The advantage of working online is
that you work at a time and pace to
suit yourself, you can work from
home, and basically all you need is
an internet connect connection, a
computer, and something to offer
the public (product). You can set
this up at your own convenience,
i.e. if you can only spare the time
at night then you can do this at
night, if you think about it the
internet is a giant shop that is
open 24hours a day/seven days a
week with literally millions of
customers looking for different

If I have stirred your interest
please get in touch and I will help
in any way I can.
I will write again

    2 replies to "How Do You Manage Your Life"

    • Caterina Christakos

      You are right. If you do not know where you are going, you will never get there. It is easy to coast through life but if you want to create an amazing life, you need to plan for it and take action.

      • welshbill

        Hi Caterina
        thanks for taking the time to read and reply, I think we are on the same wavelength with this subject, always interested to hear different ideas/opinions, hope everything is going well for you, and you are getting where you want to be.

        Keep up the good work………Best regards……..Bill.

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