At this moment I am feeling very satisfied with my efforts in building this blog, there are several reasons for this, not the least being the feeling of achievement reached , and achievement yet to come. At last I feel that I have involved myself in something that is going to result in my having a viable and profitable business.

You may think that this an early stage to be thinking along those lines, but like many others I have, over a period of years, “invested” in many courses and schemes all designed to make me rich, and to build me a business, none of which offered very much when push came to shove, so a lot of money went to waste. This time I can see a structure and logical system progressing systematically to the goal of that elusive profitable and sustainable business.

So I shall continue to follow the excellent step by step format that is working very well for me. As usual I shall write as and when I have things to say.

Enough of the serious stuff, at the risk of boring you I will tell you a little bit about my life.

I live in terraced house with Teresa, my wife, who is better known as “She Who Must Be Obeyed” we have two cats, or should I say that they have us, somebody once said to me that, “Dogs have Masters, but Cats have Staff” I do believe this and have often said I would put their names on the deeds of the house, because they are in charge not me.

We do enjoy going to the local hostelry for an ale or two, particularly on Sunday afternoon, when we meet up with several old friends and enjoy a good chat and a nice friendly atmosphere.

The rest of the week is taken up with work, trying to keep body and soul together, that brings me to why I set out on this journey with John Nicholson’s Partnership to Success, having thought long and hard about “investing ” in yet another course I decide that this could be the one that works for me, and so far I am not wrong.

I have talked to people about what I am trying to do, I have been surprised at the number of them that expressed the opinion that I am wasting my time and should just accept what life has given to me, I have made it quite clear that I don’t subscribe to that theory and I will make this work for me.

Well I have probably bored you to tears by now, so I will post again soon

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