How many times have you thought to
yourself, I would love to buy a new
car, or maybe you would like to move
house to make things better for
yourself and your family, so what do
you have to consider.

Where am I going to move to, another
part of the same city, perhaps a
“better” area, or a bigger house in the
same area, or maybe, even downsize if
your family has grown up and left home.

What make and model of car would you
choose, maybe that new car you have
been thinking of but circumstances have
conspired to make you put it to the
back of your mind for the time being.

Whatever it is you wish to do with your
life there is one factor that controls
any changes you wish to make, and that
is MONEY. Without sufficient funds you
are stuck with what you have got. Now
you may be one of the fortunate few
that have enough to be able to do what
pleases you, in which case, I am
jealous, but I wish you all the very
best with enjoying whatever lifestyle
you choose.

If like most people you have to think
long and hard about major purchases,
should I buy it, do I really want it,
is there a cheaper alternative, CAN I
Maybe you should look for an
alternative method of raising the
necessary funds to give you the freedom
of choice, and allow you to have some
or all of the things you want.

So how can you achieve this level of

1) Do you have a marketable skill that
you can use to increase you oncome?
2) Do you have an amazing idea
fermenting in the back of your mind
that would bring you enough to enable
the lifestyle you desire?
3) Are you likely to inherit money

In the absence of any of the above, you
may like to consider a change of
direction, something that can be built
up in your spare time until such time
as it generates the amount you need,
and you can give up the day job, and
concentrate fully on your new busines.

The business I am Talking about is
Internet Marketing…….this business
can help you to achieve all your
dreams, and bring you a more than
comfortable lifestyle.

I my next post I shall go into it a
little bit more and tell you more.

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