I left school at 16 with few qualifications and spent the next few years working for a Neon sign company, bulding and erecting neon signs, following this I spent a few years doing various jobs with different companies, from working in the maintenance department of a steel works to driving HGV vehicles.

Then I started work for what is, probably, the most famous soft drinks company on earth, as a delivery driver, and worked my way up the ladder to become Warehouse Manager/ Stock Controller. I was ther for a number of years, and I had thought that this would do for me until I reached retirement. Then one day things were turned upside down, when myself and approx 2000 others in Great Britain were made redundant

I took a couple of months off and lived on my redundancy pay, but the time came when I needed to find a source of income, to keep the wolf from the door, I soon found out that the skills and knowledge I offered together with my age (38) were not in great demand.

Needing to earn a living I decided to become a Taxi Driver, after going through the system and passing the required exams I ventured into the Taxi industry, at the time it was possible to earn a good living, (not so now) apart from the fact that the number of cars has increased you have to take into account the expenses involved, I have worked out that it costs me £220 per week just to go to work, and I have to earn that before I get a penny for myself.

Consequently I started looking for ways to earn in income online, after spending thousands of pounds, and probably the same amount of hours, all wasted I have discovered John Thornhill’s   Partnership to Success  which after trying out I now feel that I have a future online and am looking forward to working with John to build a good, solid business.

I shall sign off now but will keep you updated with progress in my blog………….regards………Bill.