Sorry I did not get back as quickly as I said I would, but typical of the way of things at the moment, things haven’t been as straight forward as we hoped, and I managed to pick up an infection in the leg.

This put me back in the hospital again, but I’m glad to say things are sorting themselves out with the help of the “magic bullet” i.e. antibiotics. Still not very mobile, but to cut a long, and probably boring, story short after a week in bed and being well and truly fed up with myself, the surgery needed was performed and recovery started.

At this point I will say that I cannot fault the treatment I received at any point, nor can I say that my treatment was anything but absolutely first class, and that at all times I was treated with respect and dignity, and kept informed at each step of the treatment by staff that was friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable.

So, whilst this was not the most pleasant experience it was made easier by the helpful/ friendly attitude of the staff. However there is always an upside to everything, in a perverse way this has afforded me something I was struggling to find, namely, the time to devote to the P2S course. I can now crack on and finish the course and begin to enjoy life.

I shall post again soon.

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